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Reflections on the annual Chaplaincy Mass at St Chadís

On a very wet morning this week, we set off with Mr Nolan in the minibus.  We drove through floods and made it, albeit very wet, to St Chad’s Cathedral as Mass was about to begin.   It was wonderful to see many other students who had travelled from all over the diocese. 

During Mass led by Bishop William, the lay chaplains stood up to promise they will continue to lead the spiritual life of the school.  We were then asked to stand and promise to support the chaplaincy life in the school and lead by example.  The Bishop preached about us being exceptional people by carrying out our usual ordinary everyday tasks to the best of our ability so that Jesus’ love shines out.   

Our school was chosen to provide the altar servers so our Year 8s served reverently.  Mrs O’Driscoll received a certificate of Liturgy and Worship.  We then went down to have refreshments.  It was our first time in St Chad’s Cathedral and as Liturgy Leaders we were proud to represent the school.  

Urszula G, Chloe M (Year 8) 


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