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A Mass of Thanksgiving

On Tuesday evening, the school community gathered for a Mass of Thanksgiving, providing us with the opportunity to celebrate the best in our school, and to say a heartfelt “Thank You” to those who have served students and colleagues with commitment, creativity, drive, and extraordinary love.

Students who have shared their faith with each other and the wider community through Alpha, Lourdes, Liturgy, Choir, participation in Form, Year and House masses, and our new prefects, who have accepted the responsibility of being role models for our younger students were recognised during mass.

Many thanks to Cannon David for the beautiful service. Matthew’s Gospel reading (Matt 9:32-37) was expanded upon, and Father explained the context of the reading. Matthew, being a tax collector, would see things in a different light to others, and saw Christ’s teaching dividing the people of Galilee into columns, like numbers in a book of accounts. The Gospel is much more than just about religious vocations, when Christ says “The harvest is rich, but the labourers few” he was referring to all those who care for others, such as parents and teachers. The mass of thanksgiving is an appropriate time to say thank you to all those in our community who have responded to Christ’s call.

We also said goodbye to teaching colleagues who are moving on this summer: Ms Hawes, Mr Miastowski, Mr Muntzer, Mr Sattar, Mr Smith, and Mr Walton.  We asked the Lord to calm their concerns, to guide them towards opportunities, as they make their next moves in their chosen vocations. We hope they will find themselves refreshed in the freedom of roles anew, and continue serving God, and everyone they teach and work with.

Anna O’Driscoll
Lay Chaplain


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