C.A.R. Programme (Confidence, Assertiveness and Resilience)

On Saturday 6th July 2019, I had the privilege of escorting 4 students to Hillcrest School to complete the C.A.R. Programme. The students have been involved in this programme to enhance their skills and self-esteem and I can confidently say that I saw this on Saturday. Chloe, Katie, Rowan and Hannah fully participated in this programme working with the charity 'If Chloe Can' whose founder is Esther McVey MP, who we had the privilege of meeting and talking to. They received their completion certificates on Saturday which was an exceptionally proud moment for us as teachers to see.

The students took part in numerous activities and had inspirational talks from great leaders across the country from inspirational life stories and business efficient leaders. These speakers included Andy Street, the Mayor of Birmingham, who shared his experiences growing up and being inspired by a school teacher to reach for the stars. The students were a real credit to themselves, the school and their parents and we are incredibly proud of you.

Congratulations to all 4 students for completing the programme and learning so much about themselves. A particular thank you to Mrs. Powell and Mrs. Devlin for supporting the students both in school and on Saturday for the programme. Also a huge thank you to Mr. Miastowski who gave up his time on Saturday to help transport us to Hillcrest School.

Mr Perry
Associate Vice Principal

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