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Lourdes Pilgrimage 2019

This year’s theme for the pilgrimage to Lourdes was inspired by the beatitude, “Blessed are the Poor”. Throughout the various liturgies, students reflected on what it means to be poor – being humble and dependent upon God, detaching oneself of earthly things and seeing Christ in those in need. In Lourdes, the sick are at the heart of the pilgrimage and this serves as a reminder that in God’s Kingdom everyone is welcome. As St Francis said, “It is in giving that we receive”. Through the week, students came to appreciate that God’s blessings can be found in their everyday lives and that through serving others we also receive countless blessings. Over the week, students had the opportunity to explore and renew their faith, become aware of God’s presence in their lives and feel a greater sense of belonging to the family of the Church. Students gave generously of their time and talents in helping the sick.

One particular moment which stood out during the week was how students and the Acceuil pilgrims came together to enjoy a sing-along at Bartres, creating life-long memories and spreading love. Well done to Megan, Kelsey, Mollie M, Ria, Courtney, Katie, Laura, Mollie E and Nicole for being excellent ambassadors of the school and the Diocese. They are a real credit to the school community and their families. Thank you to Miss Madden and to Mr Smyllie for accompanying students on the pilgrimage and to Monsignor Tim Menezes for his generosity and kindness throughout the week.

Mr Miastowski
Head of Year 12


Student Reflections

Lourdes was an amazing experience which all started with a 24 hour coach journey, which was very tiring. We arrived in Lourdes on the Sunday and Mr Miastowski and Miss Madden took us on their very own tour of the domain and showed us where we would be working. As soon as the tour began I instantly knew I would be having an amazing week. The week gave us the opportunity to serve those in need and give them our time. Our first shift began and although we were all very tired from the long journey, we managed to stay happy and content while speaking to the pilgrims. Sometimes just giving them your presence could make them happy. There was also a mass/service every day where we had the amazing singers Jo Boyce and Dan Callow singing. 

On Tuesday we did the high stations of the cross and it was very touching and you could feel the emotion. We all took it in turns reading out the passage on each station and afterwards we reflected on what we had just read and how we would feel. You could almost feel the emotion that Mary was feeling. 

On Wednesday we took the pilgrims on a day trip and they loved every minute of it. They had their dinner and for the entertainment afterwards we sang a few songs where they got involved and sang with us. Also, we went to a concert which was held by jo Boyce. Her singing was amazing. Then we went to an open mic night where the talented students sang. Well done Laura!

My favourite part of the week was when we took part in the torch light procession. Even though there were thousands of people, you could feel how peaceful it is when everyone comes together. It was beautiful to see so many torches and so many different people taking part.

Thank you to the teachers who made it possible for us to go to Lourdes. Thank you to Mr Miastowski, who organised this trip and made it as brilliant as he could, keeping us entertained and making us laugh all week, as well as taking up his own time to make sure that we had a trip of a life time and being such a wonderful leader. And thank you to Miss Madden for coming along with us and making sure we were all smiling at all times even when it could get emotional.

Year 13 Student


Lourdes was an absolutely amazing experience for me. As someone who hadn’t been to Lourdes before, I certainly felt the warmth and hospitality around the place, whether it be Christian spirit or helping pilgrims in the Acceil (the hospital). The trip was quite tiring and the weather at times was quite challenging, as Mollie and I found out while holding the school banner in the pouring rain, but overall, it was quite refreshing and I am glad that I was able to go as I learnt new skills and made many new friends.

Year 12 Student

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