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Year 9 Mission Experience at St Chadís Sanctuary, Birmingham

After an initial gathering 2 weeks ago, where we learnt about Mission and Catholic Social Teaching alongside Year 9s from other Catholic schools in the Diocese, it was now time to put our learning into practice.

We signed up to go to St Chad’s Sanctuary where we were given a tour and attended lessons.  We learnt about the difference between an asylum seeker and a refugee.  We helped with the language lesson which was with a professional singer.  Finally we had lunch with two asylum seekers with good English.  They had been in the country for 2 years and said that St Chad’s Sanctuary was like a family to them.

The families are allowed a limited amount of clothing, and food items and can sign up to English classes.  The 2 students said how difficult it was to arrive in a country where they knew little English but a policeman bought him a sandwich and played his favourite music on Spotify!

The staff at St Chad’s Sanctuary were so welcoming, alongside James Trewby and the Columban’s.  We look forward to sharing our experience with Year 9.

Macy, Ruby, Faith
Year 9 Students


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