September Arrangements

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The following students have been identified as 'Committed Learners and Exceptional People of the Week', they have consistently gone 'above and beyond' and demonstrated they are committed learners and exceptional people:





Week Ending 6th March
Art & Tech Kimairia 10-NE
Modern Languages Amy 10-TE
Vocational Studies James 10-JP
English Alice 9-RO
Humanities Jessica 7-BO
Maths Tanatswa 11-MO
Performing Arts

Aaron 6th-JDO
Laura-Grace 6th-DSU

Physical Education Ryan 6th-JDO
RE Kelan 9-TE
Science Kirsten 10-BO


Week Ending 6th March
Mr Martin Tristian 7-NE
Mrs Clarke Kwan 7-TE
Mr Baker Neo 7-BO
Mr Perry Riya 10-MA
Mrs Linehan

Darryl 7-JP

Mr Harrison

Babs 9-BO

Mrs Bell

Ann Mariya 8-NE

Miss O'Reilly

Abbi 7-MA

Mrs Perry

Marshall 9-TE

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