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Welcome to St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School Catholic Life Website. At St Thomas Aquinas School we hold our Catholic ethos central to everything we do.

Our Mission statement: Christ is the centre of our school community where we live love and learn together upholds our commitment to the Catholic life of the school.

We strive to offer our students as many opportunities as possible to take part in Masses and other services throughout the year, from praying together in form time and in lessons at the end of the day to really special occasions when we come together, in our sports hall as a whole community, for Mass at the end of each term and for Feast Days.

Our school Motto: The truth will set you free. John 8:32, was introduced when the school was first opened in 1964. These words, spoken by Jesus to his disciples over 2000 years ago, are still as relevant to all of us as it was then and we try and instil this into our students in the time they are with us.

We have incorporated both our mission statement and our motto into our school prayer, which is said many times by our community thoughout the school year: Christ you are the centre of our school community. Help us to live together in peace, help us to love one another as you have loved us. Help us to learn your way, so that the truth will set us free.

You will see many, well documented, reports of the Catholic Life of our school on the following pages. Clicking on any of the above links will give you a flavour of all we offer spiritually to our students.

Anna O'Driscoll
Lay Chaplain

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