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The Year of Faith was launched in House assemblies by Richard Smith and this also created was a great platform to share with the students some of the exciting ways we could explore, express and deepen our faith through the Mission Week and our 50th Jubilee Year events and celebrations.

In February the school hosted the diocesan talk for teachers lead by Archbishop Bernard. His was a great opportunity to come together and reflect on the teaching from scripture.

Father Jan was the lead in organising

the three Year of Faith Talks and led us brilliantly on our first evening 12 March 2013.

Year of Faith – ‘Journey to Jerusalem’ - 12 March 2013
Tuesday evening saw another Year of Faith event at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School. School Chaplin Fr Jan Nowotnik came to give a photo talk of his recent pilgrimage to the Holy Land. Being Lent, Father focused on both his and Jesus' ‘journey to Jerusalem', intertwining his own personal experiences and journey with faith with Jesus' own journey in Holy Week. A deeply moving evening was brought to life with Fr Jan's personal photographs. Each photo was put into context and enabled the audience to understand Jesus' own journey through Jerusalem leading to the Passion. Fr Jan encouraged everyone to consider the relevance of the Passion in today's broken world, and the hope that Christ's message brings.

There was to be two further Year of Faith Talks in the Summer and Autumn term but unfortunately these did not take place due to speakers not able to make the dates.


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