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Year 8 Alton Castle Retreat - April 24

Last week we spent 3 days at Alton Castle with 65 students and 5 members of staff.

We went there for a retreat with the theme of ‘Rooted’ to help us get rooted in Christ. The 4 steps of being rooted are: the seed, roots, tree and fruit.

We learnt that we are all individuals with our unique talents. We have different beliefs but Jesus sacrificed himself for all of us.

The weather was beautiful BUT the ground was ridiculously muddy!. This made for an interesting bike ride and trek. We were blindfolded for nightline which made it fun and many of us fell and got even muddier.

We had Mass explained to us and learnt the actions to ‘Amazing Grace’. In the sermon, the priest emphasised how rules are important, but on retreat we can be more free.

We had 5 activity groups which also became our small prayer groups. The groups were named after the people who built and designed the castle. We also sang prayer before and after meals.

A memorable trip. Thank you to the staff who took us.

Georgiana and Favour
Year 8

Alton Castle - April 2024