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Year 11 Revision Sessions

I am so proud of year 11 and how they have continued to impress us with their attitude to the written exams over the last coupe of weeks. They have attended revision sessions before, after and in school, online, and even on Saturdays, showing great commitment to learning and achievement. They have revised in the library, in classrooms, in corridors and even at line up! They have shown resilience and fortitude, even when it was tough, and have come out of many exams feeling relieved yet confident that they have done their very best. This truly is a special year group in every way. 

As half term begins it is imperative that they get ready for the second half of the exam season, but also take some time for themselves. If possible, try and plan something enjoyable to do or have a 'brain break' of some kind. I know how stressful exam time is for parents and carers too, so thank you for all of your support over the last few weeks (and the years before!)

Keep going year 11 - you are almost there! 

Mrs Lavelle
Head of Year 11