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Year 6 Transition

Year 10 Geography Fieldwork at Carding Mill Valley - June 2024

On both days, the students experienced a contrast of weather conditions with rain on Tuesday and dry and sunny on Thursday. They worked tirelessly to collect the correct information and the data required to help them with the rest of their investigation. Well done to all the Year 10 geographers. Your teachers were very proud of you and you were a credit to our school. Thank you to Miss Davey, Mrs Lavin, Ms McCloud Mrs Taylor and Mrs Todd for supporting the fieldwork.

Miss Browne
Teacher of Geography

On Tuesday 4th June and Thursday 6th June Year 10 Geography students visited Carding Mill valley in Shrewsbury to study changes in a rivers long profile for their GCSE Paper 2. Tuesdays group pulled the short straw in terms of the wet weather, however both groups had a good experience getting out of the classroom and seeing the Geography they have been studying in a real world context. Despite the rain, the students were resilient and got through both days!

Mrs Lavin
Head of Geography


Carding Mill Valley - June 24