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St Thomas Aquinas

Year 6 Transition

School Standards Committee

An Overview

St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School is part of the Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy which is comprised of seven local Catholic schools in South West Birmingham:
• St Brigid’s Catholic Primary School
• St Paul's Catholic Primary School
• St Columba's Catholic Primary School
• St Joseph's Catholic Primary School
• St James' Catholic Primary School
• St Thomas More Primary School
• St John Fisher Primary School
• St Thomas Aquinas Catholic Secondary School

The Lumen Christi Multi Academy is governed by a Board of Directors, who delegate certain responsibilities to each school through their School Standards Committees. The School Standards Committee’s primary role is to oversee the strategic management of the school on behalf of the Board of Directors. They check that the aims and objectives of the school are being delivered, discuss and approve proposals for various policies, check that the budgets and spending plans are all correct, highlight any areas of concern and offer advice and suggestions.

School Standards Committee representatives are invited to get as involved in school life as often as they can. Individuals are linked to a particular aspects of school life which involves them coming into school and meeting with the teachers, getting to know the students through attending assemblies, Masses and other events thus supporting the school in any way they can..

Being a member of the School Standards Committee is an enormously challenging but very rewarding experience. It provides an opportunity to develop new skills and strengthen existing ones. We each have the chance to increase our understanding of areas such as finance, personnel, and strategic planning, gaining a greater awareness of the education system as a whole and, most importantly, get a huge sense of satisfaction knowing the children benefit from our efforts.


Governor Responsibility Pecuniary Interests
Mrs Annette Duffy Chair of Governors Electrical Enterprise Director
Mrs Anne Vile Foundation Representative None declared
Mrs Fiona Clifford Foundation Representative Employee of Lumen Christi
Mrs Anne Gannon Foundation Representative Relative is on board of Lumen Christi. Relatives employed by Lumen Christi.
Mrs Penny Ulmkalns Teaching Staff Representative None declared
Mrs Sharon Williamson Clerk to the Governors None declared
Mr Rainbow Parent Representative None declared
Mr Mikalef Parent Representative None declared
Mr David Holmes Foundation Representative Member of SSC of St Columbas
Jackie Whitehead Honorary Governor  None declared

Governance arrangements for St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School

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