Year 9 Retreat

On Wednesday, Year 9 students and tutors gathered to think about their vocation and what makes them happy. Students had the opportunity to listen to a number of speakers who came into school to share their callings and vocations, which enabled Year 9 to think about what was the next step for them.  The students were very engaged and showed themselves to be exceptional people and I am very proud of them all.

Thank you to all the speakers, Angela, Abi, Sue, Phil, Caroline, Lianne, Sean, Paschal, Deacon Owen and to the Franciscan sisters Faustina and Catherine.   A special thank you to the Year 9 tutors and Anna O’Driscoll for organising and leading it all.

Mrs Devlin
Head of Year 9


We didn’t know what to expect before our Year 9 retreat day but it was really enjoyable and went quickly. First we listened to Sue speaking about her nursing career.  I was exhausted listening to all the things she has done with her life. One special moment was when she went to Lourdes and her patient was lifted by pilgrims so she could see what was going on!

When we were in form we looked at the Beatitudes and how we can live our lives according to Jesus’ teachings.

Afterwards we were lucky enough to have a seminarian, Sean who came to speak to us about his vocation. They have to train for 7 years to become a priest!  He was interesting.  Abi was my favourite speaker.  She inspired me to want to become a lawyer. After working in a chocolate shop she used her law experience to help refugees at St Chad’s Sanctuary which helps refugees. 

In the afternoon we listened to Phil Hadley talking about his work as a police officer. Some stories were quite sad. 

Mass was lovely, especially when Kirsten sang.

Jessica and Ruby 9-BO


We listened to Paschale, a seminarian who sang us a song about prayer and how he wanted to help us think about our vocation. He told us about his life and how previously he had been a pharmacist. 

The nuns were Franciscan, one from Ohio. They said how Jesus played a part in their lives and how they found Jesus because they were looking for something more in their lives. They explained the rosary to us. They were happy and bubbly.

Phil Hadley was very inspirational because he spoke about how he had to help people when they were going through tough times. We all gasped when he said he was a father of 5 and a foster father of 3. 

Finally we had a lovely calm Mass to end the day. The homily was funny and Fr Michael Dolman talked about Jesus’ love like receiving a gift on Valentine’s Day.

We really enjoyed the day.

Maisie 9-MA, Lauren 9-RO, Bella 9-RO

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