Aquinas Family Evening

As liturgy leaders, we spent a few days preparing for the Family Celebration Mass and it was worth the effort.

The hall started getting full by 6:30pm and we had to put more benches out and parents and former staff members were even standing.  The opening procession was beautiful with many year 7s taking part.  The head boy and head girl as well as former and present members of staff led the procession.  People were delighted to see two of our former heads, Mr Foley and Miss Madden.

The choir sang a beautiful Irish blessing to Mrs Hickey and Mrs Simpson who are leaving our school.  Miss O’Reilly gave a moving speech as she will miss Mrs Hickey who has been here for 18 years.

Afterwards, there was a buffet which was delicious!  People were admiring the displays of past students as well as the boards with work from the liturgy leaders and students who went to Lourdes.

Thank you to everyone for their hard work. We really enjoyed the evening and look forward to the next Family Mass and celebration.

Ruby, Macey and Jessica S (Year 9 liturgy leaders)


This was an absolutely wonderful event on Tuesday and will be warmly remembered by all who attended. We had well over 300 people present consisting of:
· Canon David and Fr Stefan who con-celebrated for us
· Nuala Hickey and her family
· Ellie Simpson and her husband
· Wyn Richards and Pete Roberts for the official opening of ‘The Gallery’
· Many other former teachers including ‘Aquinas legends’ who have given so much over the years
· Our former Headteachers, Mr Foley and Ms Madden
· Current LAC and MAC Committee Members
· Loads and loads of current staff and their families
· And, most importantly, a cast of over a hundred current students who displayed their artistic, dramatic, oratory and dancing talents!

People stayed to chat and look around the school until gone 9.30pm which is miraculous at the end of a busy term. It is a sign of a truly wonderful school community. I would like to express my sincere thanks to everyone who planned, organised and attended such a special evening. You are all welcome to attend the next one!

Mr Martin

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