Soli House Reports - October 2018

I found the whole trip very inspiring. I especially enjoyed small group time with Kathleen, one of the team members at Soli. The theme of the retreat was Legends and Heroes. We were given time to think about our own heroes, mine being Miss Moran because she is such an inspiration and a big help to me. We finished the retreat with a fun day at Alton Towers. This has been a memorable trip for everyone who went.

Jess 10-TE


I thoroughly enjoyed the trip, we spent the 4 days getting to know other people and ourselves better. With the theme of legends, we spent time in small groups of six students and a team member from Soli. My small group leader, Niamh, really inspired me to go to Lourdes in year 12. We received talks from the team members who spoke about their heroes. Overall, I was greatly inspired and got a lot out of the week.

Orla 10-RO


We did plenty of activities on Wednesday morning as well as the group sessions that we did with the team members. We did art and crafts, followed by the Kenelm Youth challenge and an escape room, where my group escaped with 6 minutes to spare! On Thursday morning we had a very special mass with Father Thé, where each small group took part. Group 1 held coloured cloths above our head, then Group 2 did the readings, Group 3 made an art piece for offertory and Group 4 did a drama piece for communion reflection.

Kersty 10-NE


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