Year 6 Admissions

Year 6 Admissions

Online applications are now open for Year 7 places starting September 2019. Applications can be made online through the Birmingham City Council website the deadline for applications is 31st October 2018.

If you need help with your application we are holding an open session on Thursday 4th October 3.30-6.30pm. Staff will be on hand to help and answer questions.

“Please note that there will be no tours of the school on this evening. Please call the school to arrange a tour if required”


Open Evening Evaluations - September 2018

Open Evening Comments

  • Science class made a big impact.
  • Interactive sessions for children.
  • Tour was extremely friendly and informative.
  • Impressed with size of classrooms, drama, standards expected, Daisy was excellent.
  • Raekwon he was absolutely outstanding on the tour of the school. He impressed us thoroughly and gave a fantastic impression of the school
  • Atmosphere of the school
  • The culture and ethos of the school and the positivity of the students
  • The tour guide Oliver was very helpful and knowledgeable and gave a very good and thorough tour of the school. I liked the range of trips and extra-curricular activities offered by the school.
  • How polite all the students and teachers were throughout the evening.
  • Sophie from year 11 the senior prefect showing us around she is a wonderful person.
  • Great art department.
  • Very welcoming, amazing school, Maya was fab
  • No one thing we were impressed the whole overall impression. Lovely lad in the computer room where you play the game, very polite.
  • The principals talk was impressive
  •  Greeting when you arrived also we think the one way system is excellent
  • A very well organized evening. It has come on a lot from five years ago
  • My daughter enjoyed the cooking room the best
  • Friendly and polite staff and students. Everyone seems really happy
  • Really helpful
  • The activities taken in each room excellent. The atmosphere very good. Students are polite, responsible and nice.
  • The willingness of the students that showed us around. A real credit to the school.
  • Our guide Molly was excellent
  • The science room which allows the kids to join in
  • Having the option to see all the classes my children will be doing
  • All areas of the school, especially the drama aspect – productions etc and the practical lessons
  • The students were excellent
  • The students and the way it was perfectly organized. Very good guide
  • Very relaxed and welcoming. Great fun and a lovely feeling. Luke cannot wait to attend. Had a lovely evening the best school so far
  • Staff very accommodating and helpful
  • The student Callum showed us around was excellent with all the information, also the teachers who we met were also very, very friendly and helpful.
  • School as a whole very impressed, friendly and helpful staff, teachers and students.
  • Really enjoyed he interaction in science classes. All the students were happy and spoke proudly about their head master. Loved the art work
  • Pupils well mannered and confident
  • Its excellent work you all did
  • The two girls who took us round the school were a credit to the school. So informative about the school and their experience
  • The uniform and the unity within the students. They were all very happy with the school
  • Everything was really good
  • We have really enjoyed the demonstrations especially in the science lab. We had a very patient student as our guide who was lovely
  • Very well organized. Marcus Year 11 guide was very polite and helpful
  • Lots of info on different areas I had questions about like admissions, SENCO, interventions. I liked the idea of support to help complete the application in October. The person who showed us around was attentive and informative. I liked how she asked us where we wanted to go. Staff were approachable and didn’t mind all my questions. The atmosphere is great. Children seem happy
  • Student guide was excellent, great help. Liked the principals talk

Impressed by… - Open Mornings - Monday

  • Friendly staff, lovely pupils, great to see how the schools works during the day
  • Friendly staff and children. Seeing how the school functions in the day was a good aspect
  • Owen was impressed with English and RE and was also interested in PE
  • Pupils standing as we entered the classroom
  • I was impressed by the layout of the school and how big it was. I really liked the new textiles dept and the option the children have when having their lunch. Lastly I like the opportunities open to them and the trips on offer for making memories
  • Excellent guide but nice to see the teachers outside classrooms. I like how the teachers stand outside the school when coming in and out

Impressed by… - Open Mornings – Tuesday

  • Students polite and helpful. Teaching staff very friendly
  • Art and drama
  • Students having the knowledge organizer and kit with them
  • Size of the school
  • How polite the children
  • How polite and friendly the pupils and staff were. The ethos of the school putting Jesus at the heart of all aspects of the school
  • The children are very respectful
  • Our guide was very helpful and friendly
  • Friendly and approachable staff, interactive lessons


Year 7 House Competition

My First Few Weeks at Aquinas
Here are just some of the comments from our New Year 7 Cohort who were writing about their experiences of their first few weeks At Aquinas:

  • To all the people who are thinking about coming to Thomas Aquinas, you will be lucky if you do because this school is amazing!
  • Dear Friend, I would really recommend you coming here to STACS. This school has a range of subjects you will not have studied at primary school. If you like sports there is: rugby club, football club, basketball club and lots more fun sports you will be able to participate in. For the past few weeks, I have certainly enjoyed myself here at STACS.
  • We have nice food and all the staff are really nice. This school has a range of subjects. Here at STACS we are committed learners!
  • The Maths teachers are so kind and so helpful.
  • I would really like it if you came here because you will get an excellent education and all the teachers are kind and helpful.
  • …It’s a lovely school. It is a very big school, but after a week or two it is very warming!
  • My time at St Thomas Aquinas has been great!
  • My form tutor is amazing, all of the St Thomas Aquinas Staff are amazing one of the reasons you should come to Aquinas. In Tommy’s you will build great bonds, not only with friends but with your form family.
  • If you want to go to an amazing school, this is the right place for you!
  • All of the lessons are different! You get Drama, Science, Music, PE and many more! Don’t get me started on the range of after school clubs we have here. There is netball, girls football, boys football, basketball, dance, fitness, trampolining, rugby, and lots more. The lunches here are outstanding!
  • If you’re looking for a great education STACS is “Go To!”
  • Wow! What a learning curve!
  • I have only just started this school myself, but am very excited for the years to come.
  • The staff are very warm and welcoming on arrival and the teachers are just as welcoming but best of all, we are all treated equally.
  • Lessons are planned really well, and the flow between lessons is made a lot easier due to the one-way systems.
  • When it was the summer holidays I was so nervous about coming here. However when I got here I enjoyed it so much it is truly an amazing school.
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