Sports Day 2018

On Tuesday 17th July students from Year 7, 8 and 9 along with all staff travelled to The Hayes playing field for our STACS Sports Day. Students arrived with faces painted to flying banners, colourful bunting and a tuck shop in addition to our normal sports day. As students settled into the viewing areas ready for the day to start, you could feel the hum of excitement and nervous energy as we said our opening prayer.

The students spent an hour on each area: Rounders, Track and Field, and we have never experienced participation levels like it, especially from Year 8, who all seemed to do everything (12 heats of the boys 400m will stay with us for a long time!) The Rounders was a huge success with students and staff alike getting thoroughly stuck in especially with the cheering; Mrs Bayliss lost her voice approximately 15 minutes after she arrived! The track and field programme to complete a great day's athletics included: 800m, 400m, 300m, 100m, 4 x 100m relay, discus, shot putt, javelin and high jump, all done without hesitation and with enthusiasm, even when a huge black cloud loomed over us all threatening rain. The final and most sought-after events were the relays; the noise from the crowds certainly spurred their teams on to some very professional and well executed racing.

A huge thank you should go to all our students (especially our sixth form helpers) and staff who made the day a success. The students were extremely enthusiastic in their participation throughout the day, from competing in events to cheering on from the stands. Congratulations to all!

Mrs Tierney
Teacher of Physical Education


Sports Day Final Results

1st = Newman House (587 points)
2nd = Bosco House (468 points)
3rd = Romero House (407 points)
4th = John Paul (403 points)
5th = Teresa House (374 points)
6th = More House (373 points)
7th = Martin House (354 points)
8th = Fisher House (312 points)

New Records
B. Shields equalled the previous record for the Year 7 Girls 800m of 2m 49secs set by D. Williams in 2012.

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