Year 6 Induction Days 2018

On Wednesday and Thursday of this week, 210 Year 6 students arrived at St Thomas Aquinas School for their induction days. Some looked nervous and apprehensive with others being excited and jovial. It was fantastic to see an array of primary school uniforms with all colours of the rainbow at the start of the day. We opened the assembly with the simple message to ‘try your best' and the students certainly lived up to that.

The day continued in House Groups, where the Year 6s had an opportunity to meet all the other students in their form group. All students were keen to impress and took part in ice-breaking activities and other reading and writing activities to help them feel comfortable in their new school surroundings.

Lunchtime arrived in the blink of an eye. Once they had finished their packed lunches, we managed to have a run around in the glorious sunshine! It was superb to see our Year 6 students settling in well and developing new friendships together. The day ended with all of Year 6 gathering together in the main hall to celebrate this new beginning with a prayer service and some wonderful singing!  

On Day 2, students had further opportunities to meet new friends and familiarise themselves with the school as they spent the day with their form groups following ‘The Aquinas Way’ alongside all other students in the school.  It was a pleasure to be part of the days and we want to thank all the Year 6 students for the experience they gave us. We hope you are as excited about coming to St Thomas Aquinas School as we are to have you here. See you in September.

Ms O’Reilly
Assistant Principal


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