DofE Gold Dark Peaks 23rd 25th June 2018

Bright and early on Saturday morning the students gathered for their final practice expedition for their Gold Award. On arrival at the Dark Peaks (between Manchester and Sheffield), the groups headed to their start points for the long trek over Black Hill. Two groups made light work of their routes, following part of the Pennine Way.

The next day the group arose to clear skies and commenced their routes over and around Bleaklow. Many groups took advantage of the well sign-posted paths with paving stones to prevent footpath erosion. The groups built on their navigation skills that covered walking to a bearing, the usefulness of back-bearings and triangulation using bearings to features on the land. 

On Sunday night, the group camped in the luxury of Hayfield campsite, that not only had no Alpaca droppings, but had flat fields and a dry-room. Don’t expect this extravagance on the qualification expedition! 

The final day saw the groups head off under their own steam to put their skills to the test without staff alongside them. One group decided to head North and combat Kinder Scout with the other heading east, passing Mam Tor on their way to their end point in the village of Hope. 

It was clear to see by the end of the day on Monday how much the students had taken on board and grown from the initial expedition earlier in the year, not only in navigational skills but also mentally, with a clear ‘I can’ attitude. 

Whilst not reaching their final destination, I was impressed by how much they had achieved on their own and in that heat.

I am delighted by how the students engaged with their training and how they put that to the test. But most of all, I was blown away by how well the groups looked out for each other – their teamwork skills were to be admired. Well done, you guys!!

As always, a huge thank you to the staff who supported the students –Mr Saunderson, Miss Browne, Mr Taylor and Miss Young.

Mr Flood
Head of Sixth Form


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