St Peter and St Paul Whole School Mass

The Saint Peter and Paul Mass was a lovely occasion. In preparation for this celebration, the liturgy leaders made a scroll. Some Year 10s drew some pictures of St Peter’s keys and Mr Jaep kindly made a wooden set of the keys.

During Mass, we celebrated Peter and Paul’s life and teachings and reflected on our own lives; like these saints we may not get everything right all of the time.

Fr Craig lead the Mass beautifully and expressed that even in difficult times we should co-operate with God and stay faithful to our beliefs, building a close connection with Him and others.

I feel the hymn choices were really fitting with the theme of the Mass and we thank all the staff and students who took part in this joyful feast day, especially Mrs O’Brien and Miss Moran who were wonderful at playing the part of Peter and Paul.

Tara and Ellie (Year 10)


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