UCAS Convention NEC

On Tuesday of this week, the whole of Year 12 made their way to the NEC for the annual UCAS convention. With over 200 Universities/Apprenticeships in attendance this was three times the size of a similar event they attended back in October last year.

Many students came away from the event having spoken to prospective universities, with a better understanding of what was the best uni for them but also that they were choosing the right course.

A couple of thoughts from students who attended:

‘Before attending the UCAS event I was stuck between 2 courses which lead into completely different routes whilst looking at 5 Universities that I wanted to go to. Thanks to the UCAS day, I got the information I wanted from the Universities I spoke to regarding the courses I wanted to study. I have a better understanding of how hard I need to work in order to achieve the entry requirements and to get into my preferred University. As of right now, there is one specific University I have my eye on (not going to say which as it’s still early days). I also attended 2 seminars and one of them taught me about University life. With all of this information I have a better understanding of what I want to do and what to expect when I go to University.'  

'I found the UCAS exhibition very useful because I wasn't very sure about which university to go to because I had many different options but after the exhibition I was able to narrow it down to 3 universities. Thank you.'

The convention has now hopefully focused their thinking as they commence their enrolment into UCAS and start writing their personal statements.

Mr Flood
Head of Sixth Form


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