Primary MAC visits with Year 3 Prayer Companions

At St James’, the children were having a special Mass to celebrate the fact they had just made their First Holy Communion.  The children were dressed in their beautiful dresses.  We were invited into the playground after Mass so they could meet their companion.

At St Columba’s we celebrated the feast of St Alban with Fr David leading the Mass.  Some of the sixth formers came to help and they enjoyed returning to the primary school for the first time since they left.

The children sang so well at St Paul’s and the music was led by a guitarist, a trumpeter and a ukulelist.  Fr Barry welcomed us and spoke to the children about prayer.

Fr Cecil at St Brigid’s preached about St Chad who is the patron of our Catholic Cathedral in Birmingham.  Father told the students about the life of St Chad and how he followed Christ.  We hope our students will grow in faith with their Year 3 partners as the years progress and they continue to pray for each other.

We will visit the Year 3s at St Paul’s next week as they have a special Year 3 class Mass.  

All the Year 7 students are looking forward to meeting up again when they are in Year 4 and 8.

A big thank you to Mr Nolan and Mr Jaep who drove the minibuses back and forth to the primary schools.  Thank you also to Katie, Patrick and our sixth form students who were wonderful and helped with the visits.  

Anna O’Driscoll
Lay Chaplain


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