Lumen Christi Catholic Multi Academy

A few weeks ago, I was contacted by officers at the Diocesan Education Service who were seeking our help in preparing for their annual leadership conference.  They wanted to make a film reflecting on how, through the Catholic Schools within Lumen Christi MAC, we give witness to our faith.  We were delighted to take part and coordinated the film crew to attend the schools and meet with students, teachers and governors. We were all interviewed on camera speaking in response to such questions as ‘How do you show you faith in your life and in school?’ and ‘Within Lumen Christi, how is the Light of Christ made known?’
The film was launched in front of 400 delegates at the Catholic Leadership Conference at the ICC in Birmingham. I attended the attended the conference along with Mr Martin and Annette Duffy, the Chair of our Local Academy Committee. It was a great privilege to be involved in the making of the film and it was inspiring to hear both young and old alike articulating the importance of faith in our lives.
Very well done to all involved and in particular to our students; Melanie 6th RO, Ruby 8-BO, Jessica 8-BO, Ellie 10-RO, Grace 10-JP, Erykah 10-TE, Isabella 10-TE, Kate 10-JP, and Hannah 10-MA
Miss Madden

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