Our Journey in Faith

In October, I came to a Family Mass with my Mother and unexpectedly, I was chosen to do a reading at that Mass. Afterwards we spoke to some of the staff about me making my Holy Communion, as I was baptised in Ireland as a baby!

I started coming to weekly sacramental preparation with Mrs O’Driscoll shortly after the Family Mass.  There were 3 of us to begin with so it was nice to share the journey with other students.  As the date got closer, I chose my Confirmation name which was Patrick. 

I was slightly nervous and was dressed in my new black clothes.  I waited until the priest was ready to give me my Confirmation and welcome me into the church.  I also made my First Holy Communion. Filled with holiness, the day felt like a success.

Thomas McCabe – 7MO


At the beginning of the year I decided to become a Catholic.  My friends and Mrs Devlin inspired me and also my retreat to Soli.  I came regularly for instruction, learnt about the saints and was inspired by my House saint – Teresa of Calcutta.  I also learnt about the Catholic faith and the sacraments.

At Easter, Mrs Devlin encouraged me to go to church so I met her there for the Easter services.  She was my Godmother and supported me, along with her daughter.  When I was being baptised, Fr Timothy soaked me with water; I was then confirmed and anointed with the oil. 

It was a really special day and Mrs Hickey, Miss Madden, Mr Miastowski, Mr Smith and other staff came to support us.

Mollie McQuaide – 11TE


When I was at Alton, I listened to the leaders give their faith story and was inspired by what they said. I mentioned to Mrs Hickey that I would like to become a Catholic.  I was going to Mass with my Nan every week.

I wasn’t nervous as I had all my family at the Mass to support me.  It was a great, memorable experience because my family were there and my parish priest, Fr Denis came specially to concelebrate with Fr Cecil and Msg Timothy.

I was baptised and soaked with water so had to close my eyes.  I was lucky to have Mrs McCabe, her husband and baby present as she was my Godmother.  She put a white garment around me to show new life. Next I was confirmed with oil and finally I received Holy Communion for the first time.  The wine tasted better than the one at school! 

I met some lovely people on my journey in faith and had a memorable day!

Aimee Ballin – 9MA

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