Easter Mass - March 2018

Preparation for our Easter Mass started weeks ago as we planned our liturgical dance to the hymn ‘Father I have sinned’.

In the opening procession, a huge cross, crown, nails and hammer alongside many candles, were brought up to the altar.  Joy sang a moving piece from ‘Born for This’.

Fr David spoke to us in his sermon about being good in ourselves because we are human beings.  The heart of humanity means we have been prepared for the fight.  We rejoice in the Resurrection.

At the offertory, we were so nervous getting up on the stage in front of the whole school. All our hard work and preparation paid off as the dance went well.

After Communion, there was a Communion Reflection where Rumbi, who played the part of Mary Magadalene, sang a beautiful song about Jesus being alive. The liturgy leaders carried candles and flowers to lay at the foot of the cross.

After Mass we found out who won the House Cup.  It was particularly special because Mr Stacey, who is in John Paul House is leaving and his house won the cup.  We also said farewell to Ms Connolly.

Finally we watched a video that was made by the head boy and head girl about what we are thankful for.  Mr Martin echoed this and emphasised that we should be thankful for Jesus who died and rose again for us.

Happy Easter.

Macy Minogue (8-FI)
Ruby Ryan (8-BO)

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