Synod 2018 Think Tank Giving our Year 12s a voice for the church

This morning, 30 of our Year 12s were given the opportunity to listen to our guest speaker from the US, Jimmy Mitchell, a young Catholic leader who travels the world encouraging the youth to explore their faith.  Some had already seen him at Oscott just over a week ago and he challenged them to explore their faith on a deeper level.

Jimmy told the young people that they each bring something unique to the vision of the church that will be shared with the Pope.  He declared that beauty gives hope and keeps you moving forward.  Truth sets you free and uncovers your purpose; it unfolds your calling.  Goodness transforms us so that we can change the world.

He challenged them to make their voices heard so that it resonates in our community.

Jimmy was accompanied by youth workers from the Birmingham Archdiocese; they had travelled from Alton Castle and Rio!  They encouraged the students to share their vision and think about what they would like the church to be, and they shared the problems they encounter.

We were truly privileged to have such wonderful leaders in our school enabling us to partake in ‘Synod 2018’ and it is more exciting that their views will be taken back to the Vatican to be shared with the Pope.

Anna O’Driscoll
Lay Chaplain


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