Technology Trip to Liverpool - Reports

On the 15th of March we went to Liverpool to visit the Merseyside Maritime Museum, Tate Museum and the Walker Museum. We arrived at school at 7am and left on a coach. In the Merseyside Maritime Museum we mainly focused on the slavery section. This supported my Health and Social Care studies as it made it made me see more clearly how everyone should have individual rights and it demonstrated how severe discrimination was in the past. The Tate was mainly an art museum; it showed many different forms of art from paintings to illustrations and sculptures. The museum I enjoyed the most was the Walker Museum as it contained many pieces from textiles and fashion. As a textiles student, I was inspired by artists through the presentation of their work and the patterns used by the Singh Twins who explored the history of Indian textiles. Their work reflected the relationship between Britain and India, hidden details of Europe’s colonial past and its legacies uncovered. The patterns were rich, luxurious and showed off the history of Indian textiles. From the fashion section I learnt a lot about designers such as Christian Dior and the development of his work, which I found extremely fascinating as I want to pursue fashion in university. The entire trip was beneficial as I learned a lot about the history of art and textiles but also about the treatment of slaves and how they lived. Liverpool is a beautiful city that I hope I will be able to explore more in the future.

Rebeka Don Bastiange
Fisher House – Year 12

On Thursday 15th March, together with other members of the sixth form, I took part in a trip to Liverpool where we looked around the International Slavery Museum, the Tate Museum, and the Walker art gallery. In the international slavery museum, we were able to see how the slaves were treated through an emotional video shown in the museum. We were also able to see how they were transported and what life was like for them here in the UK and their life in Africa. The international slavery museum helped me to gain a deeper understanding of equality and diversity in the 15th century. The second museum we attended was the Tate museum, where my main focus was on the Roy Lichtenstein exhibition. My attention was drawn to his pop art style work because of its style and the bold and bright colours. As an art student this inspired me to look at more ideas and artists like him to take inspiration from and include in my own art work. The final museum we went around was the Walker art gallery. My favourite part from this experience was the slaves of fashion exhibition by The Singh Twins; their work explores the history of Indian textiles and the issues of the world today. Their piece ‘Indigo: The Colour of India’ was my favourite piece of theirs as it was the first piece I saw and was drawn to; the details in the background were astonishing and the more closely you look, you are drawn into it by the amount of detail and colour that has been included in the piece.

Katie Coyne
Fisher House – Year 12

On the 15th March, 48 sixth form students went to Liverpool to look around and gather ideas and inspiration from the museums we visited for some of our A-level subjects such as Health and Social Care, Art or Textiles. The first museum that we visited was the International Slavery Museum, which was of particular interest to the students taking Health and Social Care as it showed the distressing events that occurred during the 15th Century and onwards, how people were treated and how others treated them. It helped us to grasp the emotional and psychological distress that occurred during this time, how this kind of event can help shape the future, and the importance of equal rights for everyone. At the Slavery Museum we also looked at heroic people throughout time who stood up for themselves and defended their culture and what they believe in. We also visited the Tate Museum and looked at modern art, and how people can depict their emotions and feelings in a piece of art. After these museums, we had lunch and enjoyed observing Liverpudlian culture. Lastly, we went to the Walker Art Gallery for the afternoon. This was mostly useful to the art students and they were able to look at paintings from different centuries and what it was like living in those days. It was also helpful to the students who take textiles, as the gallery had fashion exhibitions such as the Slaves of Fashion, where different patterns and clothes from different cultures were displayed.

Bonnie Wilkes
Teresa House – Year 12

The Sixth Form students were a credit to St Thomas Aquinas School as always and were a pleasure to spend the day with.  Thank you to Mr Jaep and Mr Tinsley who accompanied us on the trip.

Mrs Eden, Miss Geoghgan and Mrs Bayliss
Technology Faculty

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