Year 12 Higher Education Evening

On Thursday, Year 12 students and their parents gathered in the main hall for a presentation about how to prepare effectively for higher education and make the most out of their Year 12 studies. The evening began with the Head Boy and Head Girl sharing advice and their experiences of Year 12, which was followed by Mr Flood’s advice on how to 'make it personal'. Students then learnt about UNIFROG and how this tool can help them to research their post 18 destinations and raise their aspirations. Tom, from Newman University, shared the benefits of Higher Education and the different factors to consider when choosing courses and universities. The evening concluded with our newly appointed AimHigher Graduate Ambassador, Mr Hickman, who introduced his role in school and the help he can offer students in preparing for university. Students have lots to consider over the coming weeks and months in preparing for their future and many thanks must go to Mr Flood, Mr Hickman and Tom for their advice and guidance during the evening and to Mr Harrison and Mr Martin for their support too.

Mr Miastowski
Head of Year 12

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