Chaplaincy Mass at St Chadís

We received a letter telling us that we had the opportunity to go to St Chads.

We later discovered that we were going to represent our school at a Chaplaincy Mass. Amy, Grace, Natalie, Demi-Rose and Keeley set off with Fr Emmanuel and Mrs O’Driscoll.

When we arrived we thought we were early as we were the second school to arrive.! Rapidly the Cathedral filled up. Amy, as a previous altar server was chosen to serve for the Mass. She held the book for Archbishop Bernard.

In the homily he preached about what Pope Francis says about young people. They should be called to develop their faith and share the love. They may be called to religious life or marriage. The liturgy leaders should stand up for what you think is right even though it might not make you popular!

After Mass we had a photo taken with the Archbishop. We met students from many other Catholic schools and were surprised to be given sandwiches and cake. We dropped Fr Emmanuel back to his church and arrived back at school in time for lunch.

Thank you for driving us there. We had a special time.

Amy, Natalie, Grace (Year10)
Demi-Rose, Keeley (Year8)

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