OAKS Inset Day - Friday 23rd November

School will be closed to ALL students on Friday 23rd November.

Year 7 Author Visit

In recognition of how well the year 7s have done in their Accelerated Reader lessons in their first year, the author Tom Palmer joined us on Wednesday 12th July for the day, to entertain us and talk about what has inspired him to write books for young people.

The day began with a large group of students in the main hall where he spoke about how he was reluctant to read when he was at school but was inspired to write through his love of sport and history, and began writing short stories about football.  He then got the students answering questions about magazines, newspapers and books, who then took part in a penalty shootout, with Miss. Doherty in goal! (Who impressed us with her goalie skills).

Two smaller groups met with Tom in the ARC where he answered questions about how he writes and where he gets his ideas from.  There were some really good questions from students, and we gained a good insight into the life of an author. He talked about some of the World War 2 artefacts that he had brought with him and got the students to come up with ideas of how these could be incorporated into a story.  The students had some really good suggestions.

The day ended with a Football Reading Game session in the main hall where again the students who answered questions correctly took part in a “kick the post” game, and an award was presented to the winner.

Tom was really impressed with the behaviour and enthusiasm of the students throughout the day, and all of the students appeared to have enjoyed the chance to meet a real life author.  If you would like to know more about Tom Palmer and the books he writes, his website is

Debbie Keeves
Senior Librarian


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