7A2 meet their Year 3 Prayer Partners at St Brigidís Primary School

On Tuesday 4th July, we travelled to St Brigid’s by minibus and arrived 3 minutes late!  Going back to my Primary school was so exciting. I wanted to go into school and walk around.  My prayer partner was a bit shy but was fun.  After Mass we went into the main hall and learnt more about them.  He said that he loves basketball and his favourite food is pasta.  His best friend is Sam.

By George

First we were greeted by all the children.  We sat in rows and after we were settled we made the sign of the cross and started Mass.  The priest (Fr Gerry Lennon) asked us what Gospel means.  After Mass we got to meet our prayer partner and discussed some facts about each other.  It was break time so we had to go back to school.  We played eye spy on the way back!

By Ebrime

After Mass we were called to the front of church to meet our prayer partners.  I had two!  They both liked football.  We got to talk to them for some time and then got the minibus back to school.

By Richie

We travelled to St Brigid’s by minibus.  The students were so smart and were able to answer the question “What does Gospel mean?”  Unfortunately, my prayer partner was absent, so I paired up with Richie as he had two partners.  We had to ask questions.  Mr Nolan said it was the best singing he had ever heard from Primary children and it was moving.  This was an astonishing experience at St Brigid’s.

By Sheikh

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