OAKS Inset Day - Friday 23rd November

School will be closed to ALL students on Friday 23rd November.

History Trip to London

We started early, at 7:30 and 40 students, 4 Sixth form helpers and 4 staff headed off to the Big Smoke, for a day of History and fun!

We arrived on the outskirts of London fairly quickly and were met with the very sobering view of the Grenfell Tower. Students' initial excitement at the sight of its charred remains soon turned to shock and then quiet reflection as they absorbed the sheer scale of the tragedy that they had seen on the news in recent weeks.
It took just as long to reach our destination once inside London, as it had to get to the outskirts from Birmingham, but once there, we were ready to go. Mr Gay had planned a packed day of walking, talking and learning. Our first stop was St. James' Park, where we celebrated American Independence Day (with our resident American, Rowan Tearoe) with a doughnut! We then headed over to Buckingham Palace to watch the Change of the Guards. Next, back through St. James' Park, over the Blue Bridge and then across to the Admiralty Building, Admiralty Arch and Trafalgar Square. After admiring Nelson's Column, we carried on to St. Martin's Church and to Edith Cavell's memorial (worth finding out more about, students!) Mr. Gay's “History lessons in da street” taught the students about the role the buildings and individuals we had passed had played in British History.

Next, we went to Leicester Square in search of food. After lunch, we carried on at pace towards Westminster, past The Banquet House, Downing Street, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. The students hardly even complained about all the walking... well if they did, we didn't hear them! Finally, we crossed Westminster Bridge towards our final stop at the London Dungeons. After a short break for ice-cream, we went in and spent the next 2 hours being scared! Actors and story tellers brought History to life by showing students what it was like in the time of Tudor London, the Gunpowder Plot, Plague, the Great Fire, Victorian London, Sweeney Todd, Jack the Ripper and being found guilty in a Victorian court! We finished off in a Victorian 'pub'!

Thank you to all the students who, even though they were afraid of the dark, got stuck into the entertainment at the London Dungeons. Huge thanks to Lianne, Anna, Ruth and Tirna, our Sixth Formers who made sure that we didn't lose anybody, and most of all to Mr Docherty, Mrs Doyle and Mr Gay who gave up their time and energy to make sure the children were safe and happy.

Mrs Lavelle
Teacher of History

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