SWAN MFL Role-play Competition

On Wednesday 14th June, two students from each of Years 7, 8 and 9 represented our school in the SWAN annual MFL role-play competition. Amy and Oliwia, Year 7, presented a scene in French on the theme “Ma famille est folle” (my crazy family). Oliwia felt her family was too boring and longed for a crazy family. Our Year 8 students’ role-play took place at the doctor’s surgery. In the scene, Orla and Aoife took some “poudre de perlimpinpin” (magic cure) for courage. Kiana and Logan, Year 9, performed their role-play in German on the same theme as our Year 7: "Meine verrückte Familie" (my crazy family). Logan’s family may have been crazy but what a shock did he get when he found out that Kiana was related to Hollywood actor, Will Smith!

Our Year 9 students were winners in their category and received praise from the judges for their excellent pronunciation. Many thanks to our French and German Language Assistants, Miss Lahure and Mrs Belitzki-Grix for coaching the French and German students.

Audrey Radinez
Teacher of French

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