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Year 9 Retreat Reports

Thank you to all our speakers, Mr Smith, the RE team and staff who made the Year 9 retreat so enjoyable.  It was wonderful to have one of our governors, Mr Hadley with us for the whole day, as well as 2 seminarians from Oscott College.  Many of the guests, from policemen, Cafod volunteer and sexual health worker to NHS solicitor and marketing manager, were happy to share how they saw their jobs as a vocation.  They told Year 9 pupils how their faith played a part in their daily places of work.

An enjoyable and worthwhile day!

Anna O’Driscoll
Lay Chaplain


Before our Vocations day arrived, we were aware that we were going to have many speakers but we didn’t realise where they were coming from and who they were.
The day started with an assembly by Mr Smith.  He had some strange but interesting ways of warming up our voices.  He talked about vocations and prepared us for the day ahead.

Next we had a session with the RE teachers and other teachers in school.  The activities got us thinking about what qualities we have.  It challenged us to think about our future vocations and the qualities we need for the jobs we were thinking of!

Although all the speakers were good, we particularly liked the police officer, Mr Hadley who talked about his beliefs and faith and how they were linked to his job/vocation.  Another speaker who interested us was the sexual health worker/nurse who talked about her life and how she was inspired to help other young people because she got no guidance in this area as a teenager.  We also had a seminarian speak to us about his vocation and a lady from Aston University.  They were so diverse and interesting.

Finally, Fr Tomas Zuna, a newly ordained priest came to celebrate Mass. He preached about being happy in whatever vocation you choose.  He spoke about thinking of becoming a priest when at University.  He challenged us to make the right decisions in our lives.  The Mass was different to usual and it was good to celebrate in a Year group. 

It was a particularly hot day, but despite this it was very enjoyable and worthwhile and useful for our future.

Kelcie Fallon (Martin House 3B), Hannah Kroll (Martin House 6C) and Aoife Hadley (Romero House 2A)

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