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FACE2FACE – Conference for Young Men at The Motorcycle Museum

On Wednesday 5th April, 7 pupils represented St Thomas Aquinas at a vocations conference hosted by the Archdiocese of Birmingham.

Mr Nolan drove our pupils to the Motorcycle Museum.  Though none of us knew what to expect, the day was an amazing experience together with 25 other young men from Catholic schools who travelled to the venue.

Fr Frankie, a dynamic young priest, compared the day and encouraged the boys to dance alongside their teachers!  Seminarians from Oscott College lead the music prayerfully.  Fr David Oakley, the rector of Oscott spoke to the children inviting them to meet with Jesus face to face.  He shared his experience of being called to priesthood.

The Archbishop was delighted to share his birthday with over 300 young men as they sang happy birthday to him.  Following this, a charismatic man, Jimmy Mitchell from the US spoke of ‘The heroic Power of Holy Desire’.  He shared his vocation of turning his life around and being a singer song writer. He encouraged the students to chase after what they desire. “What are you looking for?” John1:38. He went on to say that life with Christ is like a holiday at sea.

After an amazing lunch and a whistle stop tour around the motor cycle museum, the afternoon was led by Bishop Caggiano from New York.  He said “In order to be called you first have to listen to what the Lord is asking.”  He said that Jesus isn’t looking for the perfect man but someone who is prepared to go on a journey with him.  Finally, they experienced quiet time as we had Benediction lead by The Archbishop.

The young men had group discussions.  Their group leader was a former pupil of St Thomas Aquinas, Msg Timothy Menezes.  They enjoyed having a photo with the Archbishop of Birmingham, Bernard.

Their behaviour was impeccable and I was proud that they were chosen by the RE department to represent their school.  After an exhausting day, we were pleased to be picked up by Mr Jaep.

Anna O’Driscoll
Lay Chaplain

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