Letter to Parents - New P.E. Kit

If you wish to purchase items of new kit for existing students at the school, these will be available to buy from the stores previously mentioned from Saturday 23rd July. The new items are:




Black/red polo shirt, synthetic ‘football shirt’ material, personalised with surname.

Black/red polo shirt or slim fit shirt, synthetic ‘football shirt’ material, personalised with surname.

Black/red shorts

Black/red shorts or skirt

Red socks

Red socks

Red rugby shirt

Red rugby shirt (optional)

Black/red hoody (optional)

Black/red hoody (optional)

As of this date, only items on the new kit list will be available to buy in these stores. This means that from the 2016/17 academic year, all of Year 7 will be wearing the new kit, but existing students may wear current items or new kit that they may have purchased. Therefore, I am keen to emphasise that these new items are not an essential purchase for existing students. The reason we are informing current parents of the change is to give prior notice if items need replacing over the summer.

As part of the new kit, we are personalising the polo shirt with a surname to be embroidered on the opposite side of the shirt to the school badge. This will be a mandatory requirement of any new purchased kit in order to limit the amount of items that go missing and enable lost property to be easily returned to the correct individual. Due to this addition to the new kit, Clive Mark and Kids Essential would like to make it clear that polo shirts must be ordered in store by Saturday 13th August in order to guarantee embroidery to be complete by the time we return to school in September.

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