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Highest number of applications for places in Year 7 next year since 2005!

Sports Day 2015

On Tuesday 14th July students from Year 7, 8 and 9 along with all staff travelled to Tudor Grange Athletics Stadium in Solihull for STACS Sports Day. Despite damp conditions early in the day, faces were painted and the banners were flying for each house. As students settled into the stands ready for the day to start, you could feel the hum of excitement and nervous energy as Miss Madden said our opening prayer.

With the online signing up system again in use this year, students were already prepared with what events they were competing in. The students contended through a track and field programme to complete a great day's athletics including: 800m, 400m, 300m, 100m, discus, shot putt, javelin and long jump. We also had the now traditional lunch time spectacle: Year 9 Boys vs Girls 4 x 100m relay, with two "surprise guest teams"... the staff! Although the male staff team were confident of repeating last year's victory, they were firmly put in their place by the Year 9 boys’ team who raced to victory! The final and most sought after events were the relays; the noise from the crowds certainly spurred their teams on to some very professional and well executed racing.

A huge thank you should go to all our students and staff who made the day a success. The students were extremely enthusiastic in their participation throughout the day, from competing in events to cheering on from the stands. Special thanks to Mrs Tierney for all her hard work organising the event again, and of course Mr Keegan who did an awesome job once again on the public address system!

Mr Eburah
Head of Physical Education

Overall Sports Day Results 2015 

  Bosco Fisher John Paul Martin More Newman Romero Teresa
Grand Total (Year 7) Boys 83 29 85 48 16 64 42 22
Grand Total (Year 7) Girls 46 43 23 13 52 55 9 80
Overall Grand Total (Year 7) 129 72 108 61 68 119 51 102
  Bosco Fisher John Paul Martin More Newman Romero Teresa
Grand Total (Year 8) Boys 83 75 37 49 41 48 47 16
Grand Total (Year 8) Girls 64 26 34 40 29 41 54 15
Overall Grand Total (Year 8) 147 101 71 89 70 89 101 31
  Bosco Fisher John Paul Martin More Newman Romero Teresa
Grand Total (Year 9) Boys 10 39 38 71 37 60 61 48
Grand Total (Year 9) Girls 17 20 97 20 25 61 62 31
Overall Grand Total (Year 9) 27 59 135 91 62 121 123 79
Overall Grand Total (7,8 & 9) 303 232 314 241 200 329 275 212

Final Standings 

Position   House   Points
1st Place Newman 329
2nd Place John Paul 314
3rd Place Bosco 303
4th Place Romero 275
5th Place Martin 241
6th Place Fisher 232
7th Place Teresa 212
8th Place More 200

New Records 2015

New Records 2015
New Record   Previous Record
Event Athlete Time/Distance Year   Event Athlete Time/Distance Year
Year 9 Records
Shot Putt Boys M. Okafor 11.32m 2015   Shot Putt Boys J.Mangco 10.63m 2014
Boys Relay Martin House 50.72s 2015   Boys Relay Team 52.10s 2004
Girls Relay John Paul House 59.75s 2015   Girls Relay Team 61.30s 2004
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