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Highest number of applications for places in Year 7 next year since 2005!

Taize 2015

On 3rd July, 19 of our sixth form students took part in the annual visit to Taize in Burgundy in France. Our students joined 3000 other young people from all over the world who come to spend a week living in community with the Brothers of Taize.

The Taize community share a life of simplicity and prayer following the example of Brother Roger who founded the Community of Reconciliation in the years following World War II.

During the week students commit themselves to join in the community prayer three times a day when thousands of young people come to the chapel. Prayer is centred around the music and chants of Taize and silence, which was a new experience for many of our 6th formers and one which they found very special. They also take part in daily Bible study sessions which are led by one of the brothers. This is followed by small group discussions. It was significant for us that two of our students became leaders of some of these small groups.

The students made an excellent job of overcoming the huge language and communication problems that they faced when trying to listen and respond to the opinions of students from across the world, but with lots of gestures and laughter they eventually managed to understand each other very well.

Community work is the third strand of life at Taize and every person there is asked to help by taking on a job for the week. Our students served food, did the washing up for 3000 people and helped in the chapel. Mr O’Connell and I had the joy of cleaning the toilets!!

Taize is a very special and spiritual place that lives out the Gospel message. The entire experience certainly ‘touched' us and Taize was made richer by the contribution and witness of our students during their time there.

It was a delight for Mr O'Connell and myself to be with such a wonderful group of committed, hardworking young adults, who despite coach delays and temperatures of over 40 degrees remained cheerful and positive.

Mrs O'Connell
Teacher of Religious Education

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