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Highest number of applications for places in Year 7 next year since 2005!

Year 8 Trip to the Imperial War Museum

On Thursday June 25th, a group of 33 Year 8 students and 5 staff set off for the Big Smoke. We were booked into the Imperial War Museum to have a look at some of the many exhibits from the World Wars. Before getting there, we filled our morning with plenty of sightseeing!

We experienced the London Underground; had a birthday party for Max in Green Park; fought through the crowds at Buckingham Palace; witnessed the pomp and ceremony of the Change of the Guards; marvelled at the Victoria Monument; walked over the Blue Bridge in St. James Park; met a stroppy soldier at Horseguards; took a walk down Whitehall; paused at the Cenotaph; peered down Downing St. (through the bars); enjoyed a walk through Westminster; peeked at the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben; sauntered along the South Bank and of course, had lunch in McDonalds!

We then arrived at the Imperial War Museum, where we got to see machines of war like the Spitfire and Hurricane, looked at many medals and photographs of the World Wars and experienced the very interactive WW1 exhibit. We were able to find out what it was like to live through the war through activities and games as well as by looking at objects. There was so much to see and do there that another visit is surely needed!

After a short hop back on the Tube, we were able to have a sit down for a cold drink and ice cream in Covent Garden, where we were entertained by street performers! After a 'slight' delay on the platform at Holborn Station, we hopped aboard a final train ride to our waiting minibuses for the journey home.

Thank you to all of our students who did us proud with their outstanding behaviour and attitude, and for following all of our instructions to the letter! We managed to lose Mr. Docherty twice, but not a single student! Thanks too to the staff who accompanied us; Mr. Gay, Mr. Jaep, Mr. McInerney and Mr. Docherty (found safe and well!)

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Mrs Lavelle Teague
Teacher of History


LDN2015 from Maria Lavelle on Vimeo.

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