OFSTED Inspection, November 2018


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Highest number of applications for places in Year 7 next year since 2005!

Young Leaders work with St Brigid’s Primary School

On Monday 15th June, I accompanied the five year 9 Young Leaders to St Brigid’s school to run a workshop for both of their year 5 classes. The Young Leaders have been doing activities in support of CAFOD’s One Climate One World campaign and the trip to St Brigid’s was the culmination of their project.

Jane and Matthew from CAFOD joined us at St Brigid’s and helped us to deliver the workshops which contained a quiz, film and a fun ‘climate change’ game. All of these demonstrated how unfair our world is and how the poorest communities in the world can be devastated by things that happen because of how our climate is changing, including more frequent storms, floods, desertification and sea levels rising because the polar icecaps are melting. 

The young leaders and the year 5 pupils really enjoyed themselves and learnt a lot particularly about what we can do in our own lives to make a difference to the world we all live in. Well done to Jade, Kyra, Toby, Layla and Rhema who were great ambassadors for our school. A special thank you goes to the pupils and staff of St Brigid’s who allowed us to take over their lessons and who took part with enthusiasm.

Lay Chaplain

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