SWAN MFL role-play competition at Lordswood Girls School

On Wednesday 10th June, 2 students from each of Years 7, 8 and 9 represented our school in the SWAN annual MFL role-play competition. Kelcie and Jacob, in Year 7, performed a scene on the theme of the family called "Ma famille est folle" ("My family is strange"). There was a twist in the story, when Kelcie revealed the secret super powers of her family! Our Year 8 students, Kayla and Rizza, acted an entertaining role-play set at the doctor's surgery. Emma and Alex, our Year 9 students, performed their role-play in German, complete with fun costumes and photos of their families. They were well drilled by our German Language Assistant, Mrs Belitzki-Grix.

Our Year 7 students won the judges' vote with their natural acting skills, confidence and excellent pronunciation. Our Year 8 students also made a great impression and came very close to victory. Some of the comments from the judges were particularly delightful: "The chemistry between the students is amazing," and "Your students must have worked so hard to come up with such a performance!" We were very proud of them all.

Many thanks also to Anaïs Lahure for coaching the French students.

Miss Radinez
Teacher of Modern Foreign Languages

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