Engineering and Physical Sciences Discovery Day at the University of Birmingham 23 June 2014

On Monday 23 June, a group of year 10 students attended the Engineering and Physical Sciences Discovery Day at the University of Birmingham. The day gave students an insight into the world of Science and the many uses engineering has in everyday life. The day began with an inspiring speech by a lead professor from the School of Engineering. The speech focused on current research and the different career pathways within engineering.

The students then had the chance to visit the Departments of Physical Engineering and Metallurgy. The visit to Physical Engineering gave students the chance to develop and build engineering projects, from cranes to inventing a weight lifting hair dryer. The highlight of the morning was students discovering the university link with Jaguar Land Rover and Aston Martin. Students were given the chance to drive a go kart linked to a simulator and to sit in an Aston Martin DBS. The afternoon spent in the Department of Metallurgy gave students the opportunity to use electron microscopes and to build a loud speaker from basic materials. Both groups successfully built a working loudspeaker when tested with an iPod.

I would like to thank students who attended for their exemplary behaviour and the University of Birmingham for such a great event.

Mr Love
Teacher of Science

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