OAKS Inset Day - Friday 23rd November

School will be closed to ALL students on Friday 23rd November.

Sports Team Photos 2014

We recently have had the pleasure of taking some wonderful photos of our selected sports teams and representative individuals ranging from Year 7 to 12 this year. This included our school, district, county, regional and English athletes. As you can see we have a lot of very talented people at St Thomas Aquinas Catholic School and we are very proud of their sporting achievements

It is only when you see all the teams and individuals together that you realise how much commitment Aquinas students put into sport inside and outside of school every year. It is amazing to see!

Well done to all of those individuals who got selected for school or at a higher level this year. A wonderful achievement! You can be very proud of yourselves.

Thank you to Mr Small who took the photographs and to Mr O’Sullivan and Mrs Tierney for the organisation on the day.

Mr Houston
Head of Physical Education





Year 7

Year 7 Boys Football

Year 7 Girls Rounders

Year 7 Boys Athletics

Year 7 Girls Netball

Year 7 Girls Football

Year 7 Girls Athletics

Year 7 Girls Dance



Year 7 Swimming

Year 7 Kidderminster Harriers Football

Year 7 West Bromwich Academy Football

Year 7 Coventry City Academy Football

Year 7 Girls Birmingham City Academy Football

Year 7 District Martial Arts


Year 7 District Boxing

Year 7 Gaelic Football UK Champions

Year 7 Warwickshire Gaelic Football


Year 8

Year 8 Boys Football

Year 8 Boys Basketball

Year 8 Boys Athletics

Year 8 Girls Basketball

Year 8 Girls Dance


Year 8 Girls Athletics

Year 8 Swimming

Year 8 County Swimming

Year 8 Birmingham City Football

Year 8 West Midlands & District Athletics

Year 8 Girls West Midlands Basketball

Year 8 Girls District Athletics

Year 8 District Football

Year 8 District Football

Year 8 Aston Villa Academy Football

Year 9

Year 9 Boys Football

Year 9 South West Division Basketball Champions


Year 9 Boys Cricket

U14 Girls Football

Year 9 Boys Athletics

Year 9 Girls Basketball

Year 9 Girls Athletics

Year 9 Girls Rounders

Year 9 Girls Dance


Year 9 District Basketball

Year 9 Girls West Midlands Athletics

Year 9 Girls West Midlands & DistrictAthletics

Year 9 Girls West Midlands & DistrictAthletics

Year 9 Girls Birmingham Academy Football

Year 9 Girls Warwickshire Gaelic Football

Year 10

Year 10 District Football Champions

Year 10 District Football Champions

Year 10 Boys Rubgy

Year 10 Boys Cricket

Yr10 South West Division Finalists

Year 10 Girls Dance


Year 10 Girls West Midlands Netball

Year 10 Worcester Academy & Greater Birmingham Rugby

Year 13

Year 13 England 7's and England Touch Rugby


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