Rome 2012

Late on Tuesday 3 July, 28 students and 4 members of staff, Mr Toal, Mr Smyllie, Miss Samuel and Mrs O'Connell arrived back at school after a very busy six days in Rome.

We departed for the Eternal City the previous Thursday and arrived in Rome in high spirits, early on the Thursday, ready for an adventure and looking forward to all the wonderful sights which Rome has to offer.

Over the course of the holiday the group enjoyed plenty of Italian cuisine including pizza, pasta and ice-cream (and sometimes the not so traditional McDonalds) whilst visiting some of the most popular sights such as the Coliseum, Spanish Steps, Trevi Fountain, Catacombs, Tivoli, Piazza Navona, Pantheon, Castel Sant' Angelo, St Peters and the Vatican.

On the Sunday we were fortunate to receive a traditional Papal Blessing in St Peters Square amongst glorious sunshine. After walking throughout the streets of Rome the students also had the opportunity to relax on the beach and enjoy the sea at Ostia to recharge their batteries.

The action didn't stop at the end of the day as students continued to explore the delights that Rome has to offer at night - visiting market stalls on the River Tiber and enjoying musicians and artists in the Piazza Navona.

Having arrived in Rome on Thursday to see Italy qualify for the final of Euro 2012 the students abandoned their loyalty to England and became fervent Italian supporters, complete with shirts, flags and chants. Joining the large crowd at San Giovanne, the only disappointment of the holiday was the failure of Italy to carry off the trophy.

After an exciting six days the students arrived back at school with tired eyes, a few blisters but many happy memories of their historical, religious and cultural experience.

Mr Toal
Teacher of Religious Education



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