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Highest number of applications for places in Year 7 next year since 2005!

Duke of Edinburgh Bronze Qualification – 23rd June 2012

Following their challenging practice weekend in May, around 40 students embarked on their Bronze Qualification in the wondrous countryside of Belbroughton. Arriving at 8.30 on the Saturday morning, students were asked to display their emergency rations in which they could be marked on.

Students were then assigned either a sixth former or a member of staff, however some groups where lucky enough to have both! Students were then asked to describe their route to the members of staff observing them. Nerves were flying high after they were told Mr Flood is like ‘Big Brother', always watching you. Students then began their Expedition.

Fortunately the weather held off for the students, providing perfect walking conditions. Students found parts of their routes challenging to navigate, however all groups made it back to the campsite to put up their tents and prepare dinner for the evening.

The evening was a particular entertaining moment as around 30 students embarked on what can only be described as chaos on the football pitch. Despite the chaos, the football game was an enjoyment to watch, with man of the match definitely being the sixth formers.

After all the excitement of the game, students then turned in for the night, with the knowledge that they had to be up and walking by 9am.

Unfortunately luck was not on the students' side, as during the night the heavens had opened and all the students' tents and spirits where dampened. Students then had to cook their breakfast and pack all their equipment back into their bags. One group was a bit eager, being ready at 8am!

They set off on their last day of walking for their Bronze certificate. Spurred on knowing that they would shortly be at home in the warmth and a warm shower waiting for them, all students made it home and had completed the Expedition.

Well done to all the students on their achievement. A special thank you to Mr Thomas for leading the Expedition, to Mr Flood for being the eagle eyed assessor. Also a big thank you to the sixth formers for giving up their free time to assist the students - Joe, Dan, Jake, Chris and Kieran. Thank you to the teachers who also gave their time to support the students - Mrs Devlin, Mr Miastowski, Mr McInerney, Mr Shanks, Mr Robinson & Miss Walters.

I think we are all looking forward to seeing the students' presentations in the upcoming weeks.

Daniel Knight

Year 12 Student



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