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Behaviour and Safety Policy from September - 25 June 2012

Dear Parents,



As promised in the Friday letter, I am writing to you on an important issue. You are probably aware that last September OFSTED judged Behaviour and Safety at St Thomas Aquinas to be Outstanding. I now want to share with you our plans to make us even better next school year. From September Miss Lay, Assistant Headteacher, will lead on all aspects of Behaviour and Safety across the school. There are three major developments to update you on as follows:


1. The Aquinas Behaviour Centre (ABC)

This will be led by Mr Stephenson, Head of House, supported by Mr Smith, Assistant Headteacher, and another member of staff. It will cater for a small number of students who have been withdrawn from class and who are temporarily isolated from the rest of the school. They will have their break at separate times, they will have their lunch in the Centre and they will be detained each day until 5:00pm if necessary.


2. The Billie Jayne Centre

This newly created centre in the Technology area of the school is named after Billie Jayne Fulford who will always be an inspiration to us all. It will be led by Mrs Jervis supported by Mrs Harrison (Literacy), Ms Wiggins (Numeracy) and a large team of mentors and teaching assistants. Its purpose is to address the learning needs of children who need extra support across the school. It is at the heart of our school and will be a place where our mission statement is lived out and made explicit every day.


3. Senior Patrol

From September it is our intention that a senior member of staff (head of faculty, head of house or senior leadership team) will visit every classroom during every lesson of the school day. By doing so we will support staff to ensure that students are completely focused on their studies at all times.


I hope that, like me, you are greatly encouraged by the developments I have outlined. The purpose is to meet the needs of the most vulnerable and challenging students in our school whilst at the same time putting the highest importance on uninterrupted high quality learning for all students at all times. If you have any questions do not hesitate to get in touch by ringing 464 4643 or email


Best wishes


Yours sincerely


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