Year 5 Student Council Event

On Wednesday 13 June fourteen primary school pupils, from seven schools, spent the day at St Thomas Aquinas with Mrs James and Hollie Parrish. The Year 5 children were all representatives of their student councils. The aim of the day was to come up with a charity fund raising event that all their primary schools could be involved in for a worthwhile charity.

The day started with some icebreaker sessions so that the pupils could get to know each other. They then each shared the good practice from their own schools and told us what they enjoyed and what they thought was good about their particular school.

Then the work started on choosing a charity and an event. Millie, a Year 9 student council representative shared some of the fund raising events that had been held at Aquinas. The group then did some research on the internet and put together presentations on suitable charities and events. Millie and Kevin (Y9 student council) assisted the pupils. Discussions were held and eventually the group narrowed the charities down to two. More discussion was held and they finally decided on Birmingham Children's Hospital as the Charity. Reasons for this were that it is a local charity, in need of funds and most of the group had themselves or had family who had at some time received treatment from the hospital. The event, decided by the group, will be a "Wear what you like" day on which each child will pay 1 for the privilege of not wearing uniform and a sponsored walk at their school in their hall or playground. Each primary school will walk the distance from their school to the Children's Hospital . The distance will be divided up between each class and the classes can carry out the walk in groups at the same time or one after the other.

The children were impeccably behaved and were excellent ambassadors for their school. Well done to Georgia and Tabatha from St Brigid's, Sam and Ammanuella from St Peter's, Liam and Freya from St Joseph's, James and Tianna from Our Lady and St Rose of Lima, George and Leah from St James', Katie and Rebecca from St John Fisher and Mason and Mia from St Columba's. Also thanks to Millie and Kevin from St Thomas Aquinas who helped out during the day.

Mrs James
School Council Co-ordinator

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