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End of Year Letter - 19 July 2011

Dear Parents




As promised in the Friday Letter, I am now writing to you on a couple of important issues before we return to school in September. The first is to thank you once again for your outstanding help over the past twelve months. The level of support given to St Thomas Aquinas by its parents is exceptional and enables us to work closely in partnership with you for the benefit of your children, our students.


One area that I know many parents will welcome us developing next year is our homework policy. Whilst the quality of teaching and learning is very good and our examination results are very pleasing there is no doubt that the great majority of our students should do more homework. From September I can promise parents you will see a huge increase in the volume of homework we expect from students in every year in the school. I shall write again with more detail at the beginning of the year.


I would also like to remind you of uniform requirements from September. Mindful of cost we have made no changes at all to the school uniform which can be purchased from either of our suppliers based in Kings Heath, Clive Mark or Mansuri. In the new year we will be focusing particularly on outer coats (navy blue or black without trimmings or logos) and footwear (plain black). Please ensure your son or daughter returns to school with a practical and roomy school bag capable of carrying all books and resources.


Regarding return to school arrangements, all students should return to school on Friday 2 September. Year 7 should be in the Hall by 8.35am and everyone else should report to form at 1.45pm.


We wish all our public examination students every success this summer. A level results will be available to students from 7.30am on Thursday 18 August. GCSE results can be collected by students from 10.00am on Thursday 25 August.


As I say, I shall write again to parents at the beginning of term. In the meantime I wish you and your family a very happy summer holiday.


With best wishes



Jim Foley


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