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Guernsey 2011

Guernsey Camp 2011 has got off to a great start this year with the party being blessed with beautiful weather for the first two days. They arrived at 12:30pm in Guernsey and went straight to the campsite to settle into their home for the next ten days. The afternoon saw a trip to Cobo bay. It is a beautiful beach located only a mile from the campsite and gives the children a chance to enjoy the best of Guernsey - sun, sea and sand! There was rock pool exploration, beach cricket and the usual attempt at the Guernsey bat and ball record which to this day is still held by Miss Lay and Mr Stephenson (set in 2003 at 487 hits!).


The second day heralded the first tent inspection of the camp with all students set the challenge of presenting their tents perfectly for Miss Malone to inspect. Once completed the students headed north to L'Ancress Bay which in my opinion is the greatest of all Guernsey's beaches. It is here where this photo was taken of the whole party. With it being so hot it was clear that the beach was not the best place to spend the whole day so they all headed to the islands biggest leisure centre (Beau Sejour) and had a dip in the pool.


The students enjoyed a wonderful dinner before some games on the campsite. They all then gathered in the mess tent for a reflection led by Mr Stephenson.


All this and they are only two days in! Eight more wonderful days to go on this holiday of a lifetime.


Mr Baker and Mr Perry
Assistant Headteachers



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