Primary Dance Festival 2011

On Friday 8 July, the Aquinas dancers welcomed year 5 and 6 students from our feeder Catholic Primary schools. The festival opened with a number of dance displays by the Aquinas dancers. Olivia Young, one of the Aquinas dancers, reports as follows:


I thought the Dance Festival went very well. The year 5 and 6 students worked hard and were very enthusiastic. They were particularly excited to learn new moves. They participated with smiles on their faces and I think they really enjoyed themselves. I stayed behind to coach some students who didn't really need my help as they picked up the routine so easily (better than us). There were lots of girls but only one boy and he worked incredibly hard. All the Aquinas dancers are to be commended for their fantastic performances, particularly the ones who coached with such confidence.


Thanks to all the Aquinas staff who remained behind and supported this event. Final thanks, as ever, must go to Kerrey Clarke and Siobhan Thomas (Aquinas Choreographers) for their ongoing support throughout the year.


Olivia Young - Teresa House 2A
Mrs Yates - Teacher of Physical Education




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